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Peptide Doctor is certified under ISO22000 and ISO9001, ensuring the highest standards of food safety and quality control. Additionally, our HACCP and HALAL certifications ensure that every aspect of our production process is monitored and maintained to meet the strictest food safety regulations.

Ingredients are sourced directly from our factory in Taiwan or through a local distributor in your country, if available. However, please note that additional shipping charges may apply for some countries.

Unfortunately, we do not ship to countries with laws forbidding the importation of our products.

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PeptiDr supplements do not claim any medical benefits.

Thomasina J. Damico - Male/91 years of age

Due to chronic arthritis, knee joint pain is not good. After taking Dr Peptide for two weeks, the pain relieved. After another month, the knee joint pain was significantly improved. There is no pain in the knee joint after three months, and I can walk slowly on my own with crutches.

Margarita Albright - Female/56 years of age

The main reason of using peptide is to improve the cholesterol status. After taking Dr Peptides daily for 1 month. The renal function G F R (Glomerular Filtration Rate) increased from 41 to 49, and the triglyceride index decreased from 252 to 79. What’s more, high-density cholesterol is good cholesterol, and the index increased from 49 to 89.

Amy E. Burns - Female/28 years of age

After being bitten by an unknown mosquito, the whole body was itchy for a day or two, and the body even felt hot. But after eating this product, the discomfort was improved immediately, and it is truely powerful!

Melissa M. Neely - Female/52 years of age

In early years, I walked a lot and climbed mountains regularly, which now caused pain in my knees and difficulty in going up and down the stairs. I went to a Chinese doctor and diagnosed that the knee was worn and caused arthritis. I continued to receive Chinese medicine acupuncture and moxibustion and ointment with Dr solid drink. I have noticed improvement, and I can walk and go up and down the stairs normally again.

Jacquelyn M. Hill - Female / 33 years of age

Allergic rhinitis, weather changes, staying in an air-conditioned room for too long will cause nasal congestion and runny nose, and the nasal fluid would not stop. About 20 minutes after taking the instant sulphurine peptide solid drink, the condition of the runny nose has improved significantly.

Edward J. Rettig - Male / 32 years of age

For daily health and boosting the energy, I started taking Dr appetide. I heard that there might be improvement reaction and drousyness in the beginning. I did feel it, but after this situation, the spirit has changed significantly.

Danielle C. Wagner - Female/64 years of age

As I age, my memory and my physical health gradually declined. After using Dr peptides for a month, my brain became keener and the mood more stable. At present, I eat, sleep well, and have normal bowel movements. I am very grateful for the help this product has brought me.

Joyce D. Hicks - Female/46 years of age

I am a sales woman and keep busy schedules. Eating out regularly and drink on average 2 to 3 times a week. I don’t exercise and rarely eat fruits and vegetables. I now take 3 sachets of Dr peptide a day (1 sachet in the morning, noon and evening). After 2 months, the triglyceride index drops significantly. Now only 1 pack a day on empty stomach, the index continues to fall within the standard value, and even the total cholesterol index also decreases. This makes me feel confident in this peptide. I am glad to share my experience with everyone, and let us all enjoy the peptide’s benefits.

Steve M. Elwell - Male/57 years of age

Because of the loss of vitality from dialysis treatment, it was difficult for me to sleep at night. Now I am full of energy since taking Dr peptides, I get good night’s sleep, and my physical strength improves. I can walk 3 miles at a time. In the past six months, the toxin before dialysis has dropped from 90 to 56, which is slowly approaching the normal value. 21. The parathyroid index has dropped directly from 200 to 300 to 77 the normal range. Eliminate the risk of parathyroid surgery. Creatinine acid also dropped from 16.23 to 13.93 last month. Although it is still far from 1.6. But as long as it continue to fall, I will have less dialysis.

Carrie N. Thibeault - Female/36 years of age

If I staying in an air-conditioned room for a long time often causes cold hands and feet. It is also easy for me to catch a cold when entering and leaving the air-conditioned room during the summer season. After consuming Dr Peptide Solid Drink, the hands and feet are less likely to be cold, and the immunity is improved.

Bobbie R. Dail - Female / 69 years of age

I do long-term standing work. I have joint discomfort and occasional pain. I started using Dr peptide solid drink together with vitamin C, after two weeks, the feeling of discomfort has obviously vanished.

Richard P. Clark - Male / 30 years of age

Due to high work pressure, I have low spirit, poor physical strength, catch colds and poor immune system. When I first started taking Dr peptide, I felt sleepy. It could be due to poor sleep quality for a long time, which initiated the restoration of the body. After a week, I got better. I didn’t catch cold easily any more. This product is really amazing!

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