Ms. Lan, who resides in Guanxi, China, has been diagnosed with late-stage breast cancer that has spread to her brain, bones, lungs, and liver. Previously, a doctor had given up on her case. However, she has been taking Anti-aging Protein eight times a day along with receiving chemotherapy three times a week with excellent results. Despite testing positive for COVID in late 2022, she remained asymptomatic for seven days and subsequently tested negative. The attached photo is her most recent picture, and her progress is being monitored by a group of 24 people who exchange feedback daily via a WeChat group over the past three months. Remarkably, she has undergone five chemotherapy treatments with no side effects. Her tumors in her brain, lungs, liver, and breasts have significantly decreased in size or disappeared entirely. Her most recent blood test on 2/17/2023 showed excellent results.

In Taiwan, over 2,000 cancer patients have recovered from all stages of cancer by combining the Longevity peptide with 3-5 rounds of chemotherapy. This peptide is specifically designed to be easily absorbed after being broken down by either pepsin or trypsin. In cases of liver cancer, patients typically saw a complete cure in less than a month. There are numerous testimonials from cancer patients who have benefited from this treatment, too many to be posted here.

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