Anti Hypertension Protein – 降血壓蛋白(口服)



(1) Basic introduction:
There are more than 50 types of antihypertensive peptides. The antihypertensive peptides produced by our company are considered to be the most functional, inhibiting the conversion of hypertensive hormones (resting type) into (activating) hypertensive hormones, so The blood pressure can be lowered, and the blood pressure can be seen to be lowered after taking for 2 days.
(2) Ingredients:
Antihypertensive peptides, corn fiber
(3) Features:
 100% amino acid sequence accuracy
 Non-toxic and edible antihypertensive peptide produced by enzyme technology
 No side effects
 Good water solubility
(4) Purpose:
 Use for lowering blood pressure
(5) Mechanism:
Inhibition of blood pressure increase hormone (rest type) into (activation type) blood pressure increase hormone, so blood pressure can be lowered.
(6) How to use:
Therapeutic use: one serving each before meals and before going to bed
Maintenance use: one serving each before breakfast and dinner
  • 基本介紹:

降血壓胜肽的種類,多達50多種,本公司所生產的降血壓胜肽,算是功能性最強的一種,抑制血壓升高素 (靜止型) 轉變成 (活化型) 血壓升高素,因此可以把血壓降低下來,大致上連續吃到第二天能看到血壓降低下來。


  • 成分:



  • 特色:
  • 100%胺基酸序列準確度
  • 酵素工技生產的無毒可食用之降血壓胜肽
  • 無副作用
  • 水溶性佳


  • 用途:
  • 降血壓之用


  • 機制:

抑制血壓升高素 (靜止型) 轉變成 (活化型) 血壓升高素,因此可以把血壓降低下來,大致上連續吃到第二天能看到血壓降低下來。


  • 使用方式:



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