Anti Triglyceride Protein – 降三酸甘油脂蛋白(口服)



Introduction: Anti-Triglyceride Protein is a four-amino-acid-based peptide that helps in controlling the rise of serum triglycerides. It does so by boosting the activity of liver lipases, which break down fat in the body, and suppressing fat absorption in the intestines. Additionally, the peptide has been observed to enhance the activity of fat-dissolving enzymes in adipose tissue.

Composition: Anti-Triglyceride Protein and Maltodextrin


  • 100% accurate amino acid sequence
  • Non-toxic, edible peptides produced using enzyme technology
  • No adverse effects reported
  • Water-soluble

Purpose: The main purpose of Anti-Triglyceride Protein is to reduce the levels of triglycerides in the blood.

Mechanism: The peptides increase the activity of lipases in the liver, breaking down the existing fat in the body and secreting the breakdown products into bile for excretion. Additionally, the peptides reduce the absorption of fats in the intestines, leading to a decline in serum triglycerides.

Instructions for Use: Therapeutic use: 1 serving before each meal and before bed Maintenance use: 1 serving before breakfast and dinner.

  • 基本介紹:



  • 成分:



  • 特色:
  • 100%胺基酸序列準確度
  • 酵素工技生產的無毒可食用之降三酸甘油脂胜肽
  • 無副作用
  • 水溶性佳


  • 用途:
  • 降低血液中之三酸甘油脂


  • 機制:



  • 使用方式:



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