Growth Protein – 生長蛋白



  1. Basic introduction:

This kind of peptide product is also a product under “combination innovation”, which is a combination of 17 kinds of peptides, 4 kinds of peptides that inhibit Somatostatin, and 3 kinds of peptides that inhibit Myostatin. , and the other 3 kinds of peptides that make the body grow several times and make lean meat grow, and 6 kinds of peptides can make the fat tissue grow rapidly, and immerse into the lean tissue, and the lean tissue is covered with a lot of fat tissue, creating a The peptides formed by snowflakes, the last of which are anti-inflammatory peptides, inhibit the inflammation that occurs when fatty tissue grows rapidly and then soaks into lean tissue. The growth of any animal can proceed stably in a balanced physiological state, growing several times in size (about 2 to 3 times), growing many times the muscle mass (about 8 to 10 times), and eating only about more food. 20%. The growth of any animal, including cattle, sheep, pigs, deer, fish, shrimp, and shellfish, can even cause laying hens to lay more and larger eggs in a day.


Animal Growth Peptide, Maltodextrin


  • Each peptide is 100% amino acid sequence accurate
  • Pure natural animal growth peptides are more than 99% pure
  • Enzyme technology to produce non-toxic edible animal growth peptide extract
  • Heat resistance and high stability
  • good water solubility
  • No side effects


  • The world’s first technology, the cultivation concept and practice of any animal snowflakes
  • Enables laying hens to lay more and larger eggs per day


The whole mechanism of action is to first suppress the inhibitory hormone (Somatostatin) and the inhibitory myostatin (Myostatin), so that the whole body shape and thin (muscle) muscle growth have a very broad space and time, plus the growth hormone peptide makes the body shape. There is no restriction on the growth of lean meat. Animals can grow and enlarge without restriction. At the same time, the fat tissue grows rapidly and soaks into the lean tissue to form snowflake meat. This is a new concept and practice pioneered in the world. Evenly distributed among lean meat, inflammation can be suppressed during rapid growth and infiltration of tissue.

How to use:

  • This is a feed additive that makes animals large and fast growing and is not recommended for human consumption.
  • It is necessary to start giving from young animals, once in the morning and once in the evening, add 1 gram to large animals, and consider small ones.
  • Animals will accelerate their growth during the period of eating growth peptides, and return to normal growth if they stop eating them. Three days before the animals are slaughtered, it is recommended to stop eating growth peptides to avoid residual peptides in the edible meat.
  • This product only contains protein, does not contain hormones, chemicals or heavy metals, and does not alter animal genes. The nutrients used to produce peptides are also Non-GMO, which meets the requirements of organic farming.


  1. 基本介紹:


  1. 成分:


  1. 特色:
  • 每種胜肽是100%胺基酸序列準確度
  • 純天然動物生長肽純度大於99%
  • 酵素工技生產無毒可食用之動物生長肽萃取物
  • 耐熱、穩定性高
  • 水溶性佳
  • 無任何副作用
  1. 用途:
  • 全球首創的技術,任何動物雪花肉的培育觀念和做法
  • 可使蛋雞每天能生出更多更大的蛋
  1. 機制:


  1. 使用方式:
  • 這是飼料添加劑,使動物體型大且快速生長,不建議人類食用。
  • 從幼小動物就要開始給與,早晚各一次,大型動物添加一公克,小型動酌量。
  • 動物食用生長肽期間就加速生長,停止食用生長就回復正常生長,食用動物宰殺之前三天,建議停止食用生長肽,避免殘留肽在食用肉內。
  • 本產品只含蛋白質,不含激素、化學物或重金屬,不改動物基因,用於生產肽的養料也都是Non-GMO,符合有機養殖要求。

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