Supper Whitening (topical) – 超級美白(外用)


(1) Basic introduction:
Super Whitening Peptide is a peptide in whey protein, which can inhibit 91% of the activity of tyrosinase. Tyrosinase is the key enzyme for melanin production, which means that 91% of the activity of tyrosinase is inhibited. 91% of melanin is formed, which is currently the strongest whitening factor in the world.
(2) Ingredients:
Super whitening peptides, beauty product additives
(3) Features:
 100% amino acid sequence accuracy
 Heat resistance and high stability
 No side effects
 Good water solubility
(4) Purpose:
 Facial makeup and skin care products
 Body care products
(5) Mechanism:
It inhibits 91% of the activity of tyrosinase and relatively inhibits the formation of 91% of melanin. It is currently the strongest whitening ingredient in the world.
(6) How to use:
Different beauty products can be used in different ways after adding, such as spray or smear
  • 基本介紹:



  • 成分:



  • 特色:
  • 100%胺基酸序列準確度
  • 耐熱、穩定性高
  • 無副作用
  • 水溶性佳


  • 用途:
  • 臉部化妝保養品
  • 身體護膚品


  • 機制:



  • 使用方式:



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