Anti Aging Protein – 抗衰老蛋白(口服)


Best in alleviating all chemotherapy side effects!

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The History of Anti Aging Protein

For nearly three decades from 1970 to 2009, life scientists continued to explore the wisdom of previous researchers and worked towards finding a solution for anti-aging. In 1982, they discovered a key ingredient for anti-aging and rejuvenation.

Studies and research have shown that these protein peptides can be used as important substances to prevent aging. The anti-aging peptide, in particular, can quickly restore the body from the effects of chemotherapy, help improve platelet count, reduce chemotherapy side effects, and even help in treating certain types of cancers such as stomach and liver cancers. Russian research over 18 years showed that the anti-aging peptide can prolong the lifespan of animals by 25%.


This product can regenerate the body's cells and stimulate stem cells in different parts of the body to produce new healthy cells. The new cells will also be replaced by immune cells if they become cancerous. The peptide has a high amino acid sequence accuracy, is heat resistant, has good water solubility, and does not have any side effects.


Anti Aging Protein, Maltodextrin


100% amino acid sequence accuracy, heat resistance, good water solubility, no side effects


To improve body function, activate cells, and achieve long-term rejuvenation. The peptide has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, can improve eyesight, body appearance, liver and kidney function.


Anti Aging Protein have multiple functions, including stimulating telomerase activity in chromosome replication, thus preventing telomere shortening and promoting the regeneration of healthy cells. The peptides can also activate the immune system, strengthening immune cells and protecting the body's health.


For therapeutic use, take one sachet (about 2 grams) before each meal and before bed. For maintenance use, take one sachet in the morning and evening. For chemotherapy patients, take 8-10 times a day, every two hours except while sleeping.

Visible Effects:

One of the most visible effects of taking the Anti Aging Protein is an improvement in the vividness of colors. You may notice that the world around you appears more vibrant and the colors you see are more vivid the next day.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It's always recommended to consult with a healthcare professional before taking any new supplement.

Amrita | Avatar Wiki | Fandom

Tulkun | Avatar Wiki | Fandom

If the amrita substance in the Avatar movie is actually from the pineal gland, at least we don't need to hunt a whale for it 😊.


  • Deep Sleep
  • Normalize T Cell Function
  • Anti-Aging
  • Prolonged Cell Life
  • Healthier Neuroendocrine & Immune System
  • Telomere Activation







長壽肽可以幫助身體迅速從化療的影響中恢復過來。只需要一份長壽肽就可以在一夜之間將一個人的血小板計數急劇下降恢復到 80%,並防止因化療而導致的頭髮脫落。由於化學療法的副作用大大減少,因此患者可以更頻繁的接受化療。通過每天服用八份長壽肽,醒著的時間每兩小時服用一次,通常可以在一個月內根除癌症。此後,每天正常使用 2 份可以防止癌症復發並確保整體健康。單獨使用長壽肽可有效治療胃癌、肝癌和膽管癌。


    • 基本介紹:



  • 成分:



  • 特色:
  • 100%胺基酸序列準確度
  • 耐熱、穩定性高
  • 水溶性佳
  • 無副作用


  • 用途:
  • 改善身體功能和長期恢復活力,活化細胞。
  • 使用後有較強的抗發炎作用
  • 明顯改善視力,改善身體外觀,肝功能,腎功能恢復。


  • 機制:



  • 使用方式:





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