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Yeasts combine the ease of genetic manipulation and fermentation of a microorganism with the capability to secrete and modify foreign proteins according to a general eukaryotic scheme.

All PEPTIDE supplements are yeast proteins before digestion. All shipments will be described as so in the documents. Peptide terms discussed herein are for research purposes only.

Peptide Doctor Recombinant Peptide Therapeutics Advantages

  • High Specificity: Scientists can design peptides that target specific molecules or processes, which can reduce side effects.
  • High Safety: Due to the use of a controlled production process, the risk of virus or other pathogen contamination is reduced.
  • Good Efficacy: Some peptides can be modified to enhance their therapeutic effect.
  • Strong Scalability: The production process is easy to scale up, meeting the needs of large-scale treatment.
  • Good Tissue Penetration: The small molecule nature of peptides makes them easier to reach targets inside cells or tissues.
  • Low Immunogenicity: Compared with large molecule drugs, the possibility of human immune response is lower.
  • Low Price: The research and development and production costs are reasonable, and the price is lower than that of general drugs.
  • Convenient to Use: With unique protection methods, peptide products are not easily destroyed by the digestive system, and have a high oral absorption rate.
  • Long-term Use: Peptide products have been used for a long time and are safe.
  • High Concentration: The effect is more significant with long-term use.


At PeptiDr, we pride ourselves in being experts in the field of edible peptides. Our products boast the highest concentration of peptides available and are produced in large volumes to meet the demand of our clients. We take great care in ensuring the accuracy of our peptide sequences, and are capable of producing any peptide given its specific sequence.

As a leading peptide supplements manufacturer, we are equipped to handle orders of any size, including the recent successful fulfillment of a 500 kg order to Japan.

Please note: The images shown are for display purposes only and do not represent the actual consumer products offered by PeptiDr. Our focus is on supplying high-quality peptide supplements and we cannot make any claims or guarantee specific efficacy for end products. This is simply a disclaimer for your understanding.


We utilize a combination of 12 peptides to target fibrous cells caused by viruses, which can affect various organs such as the lungs, heart, and brain.

The peptides work to restore the affected cells to their normal, elongated oval shape by increasing collagen levels. As the cells regain their health, the associated symptoms will disappear.

Acute or Chronic

PeptiDr is capable of developing new peptides based on requirements

PeptiDr is open to collaborate with leading biochemical companies



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